Eugene Ching

  Singapore https://www.qavar.com Founder of Qavar, an AI and cybersecurity company. We use machine learning to bring insights into your business, and defend you against digital threats.


12 Stories by Eugene Ching

Why hiring an software development agency is scary

You have an idea, or you’re looking to solve a problem. And you have, in your mind, already worked out how you want your...
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What is curriculum learning in AI and how does it help me?

Get a better machine learning model by teaching it the way you would teach a child.
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Understanding the 6 major capabilities of AI

Have the ability to understand machine learning systems at a glance.
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When should I use AI or machine learning?

2 clear signals when machine learning is the right solution to help you.
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5 real world examples of how AI helps grow businesses

Examples of how AI have helped increase revenue and decrease cost across different industries.
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How we built a machine learning recommender for a shoe retailer

A recommender system that helped a shoe retailer to increase sales by more than 30%.
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A method to shrink machine learning models effectively

Researchers from MIT find a way to shrink machine learning models effectively.
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Do you make these mistakes when choosing your app development firm?

4 ways to tell if you're being taken for a ride.
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When should you invest in custom-built software?

Custom-built software is expensive. When should you make the investment? Here’s one opinion.
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Knowing just enough regex to be useful

A 10-minute, easy-to-remember primer on regexes so that you can use them.
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